Our special thanks and acknowledgement to the following people for permission to use their photographs and articles, and the work they donated to this website:

Photographer Walt Wilser, of Red Group Tours and Travel, for his many photos used on this website.

Photographer Steve Lewis, of The Durango Herald, for photos of his that appear on this website.

Journalist John Peel, formerly of The Durango Herald, for the beautiful articles he wrote on Stan Rabbe, and Alzheimer’s, which have been reproduced on this website.

The Durango Herald, for permission to use articles by John Peel, and photographs by Steve Lewis.

Graphic Artist, and Website Designer, Josh Potter, for donating his many talents to create this website in memory of Stan, and for the purpose of this event.

Photographer, Madi Schanbarger for her artistic eye and physical awareness to catch the joy, the care, and the activity of the day, and of participants and their many dogs.